Aspire Nautilus Coils

€ 13,00

These are Aspire Nautilus BVC Cotton Coils to use with the Aspire Nautilus. These Aspire Nautilus BVC Cotton Coils use Organic Cotton and feature larger wicking holes. They are designed to provide the purest and cleanest flavor from all eLiquids. The Aspire Nautilus BVC Cotton Coils are the newer model of Aspire Nautilus Coils, they are also "Bottom Vertical Coil" design. 

Aspire Nautilus BVC Cotton Replacement Coils are for:

- Aspire Nautilus

- Aspire Nautilus Mini

- Aspire Triton Mini 

- Aspire K3

- Aspire Nautilus 2

- Aspire Nautilus 2S

- Aspire Nautilus Aio (0,4ohm not compatible)

Because the wick is made of Organic Cotton, make sure to prime the coil before using it. Usage Comments:- Unscrew the metal bottom cap from the tank.- Unscrew the head from the bottom cap and replace with the new head.- Refill with e-Liquid.- Screw the bottom cap back on the tank.- Wait a couple of minutes for the e-Liquid to feed the coil before vaping again.

Features:- Pack of 5 atomizer heads (Coil Unit).- Vertical Coils