Sony/Murata 18650 VTC6 - 3000mAh 30A

€ 11,00

Nominal capacity: 3120 mAh
Rated capacity: 3000mAh
Continuous maximum charging current: 5.0A
Maximum Continuous Discharge: 30A

NOT protected! Don't buy this unless you know what you are doing! This battery is NOT for flashlights!

-Do not charge over 4.2V!
-Do not change polarity!
-Do not heat the battery, or store under the influence of high temperatures!
-Do never shortcut!
-Make sure they do not come in contact with water!
- For longer storage periods should be stored below 45 ° C temperature.
- After long storage times need the cell probably make a few charge cycles to increase capacity again.
-Do not discharge below 3V.